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Deep in the secret archives of the Vatican, under the dust of centuries, lies a collection of forgotten music, dating from the chants of the Catacombs right through to modern times. This includes music by many of the world’s greatest composers: Vivaldi, Verdi, Haydn, Bellini, Scarlatti, amongst others.


We have spent several years researching this astonishing trove and negotiating access rights. Some music has not been heard for over a thousand years.


In this eight episode series, a different star will embark on a journey of discovery to unearth musical treasure and re-intrerpret the music in a modern way.  We follow them on this astonishing adventure, which will take us to several of the most jaw-dropping locations in Italy; where we uncover stories of heartbreak, scandal, murder and love. The truth so much stranger than fiction. And the music they left us: sublime. 

Then, for the first time ever, the music will be performed in a grand concert, to be broadcast around the world.


​​Vanessa Bolton - Producer

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Vanessa grew up in Rome. Her family is well integrated in Italian society and many of the people who have helped with this project she has known for years. She started her career in Kathmandu, setting up a theatre troupe for Amnesty International. She then returned to Rome to work as AD on a number of feature films shooting across Europe including Stealing Beauty (Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci), A Month By The Lake (Dir: John Irving,) Double Team (Dir: Tsui Hark) before relocating to London to work with Lord Grade at The Grade Company, based in Pinewood Studios. Vanessa has produced dozens of programmes for commercial and NGO clients broadcast on major networks including CNBC, CNN, Euronews and Star TV Asia.  She has filmed in 60 countries including unusual areas like Beirut, the Arctic Circle and both sides of the Kashmir border.

Wally Wilson- Music Producer

Wally is an American record producer, songwriter, concert promoter, musician, and impresario of Skyville Live. Similar to Kris Kristofferson’s stint as a janitor at Columbia Recording Studios years earlier, Wilson began working in Nashville as a janitor at Tree (now Sony) Publishing Company. He established himself as an award-winning producer and hit songwriter well before he created Skyville Live, his Emmy award winning internet and then television show  currently running on CMT/Viacom. Wilson has been given multiple ASCAP and BMI awards throughout his songwriting career, a GRAMMY Award nomination for his groundbreaking work with legendary folk artist Joan Baez, and multiple platinum and gold records as a producer.

Blake MacDaniel - Producer

Blake spent 24 years as an artist agent at CAA, before branching out to produce his own projects. He has worked with some of the world's biggest stars and been instrumental in bring Grammy award winning projects to fruition.


Don Giulio Neroni

Don Giulio was the Head of Music for the Vatican. He produced over 40 discs of classical music as well as a few pop records, including "Wake Up", a dance and pop CD featuring Pope Francis.  He also made discs with five other popes. He has spent years unearthing manuscripts 

Dom Marco Frisina

Dom Marco is a prolific composer of sacred music and film sound track scores. He is the top musician in the Vatican; the author of a number of books on sacred music, the composer of almost 50 manuscripts.  He leads several choirs and organises the International Choir Festival, an event that thousands of people attend, in the Vatican.

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